SCE Go From Grant to Grid With The Energy Redress Scheme

Staffordshire Community Energy Has Been Awarded A Grant to Drive Solar Power and Community Benefit

At Staffordshire Community Energy (SCE), we’re thrilled to have received support from a significant Energy Redress Scheme Grant that propels our mission to bring clean energy, community-owned power and social benefit to our region! Enabling us to partner with high energy users across Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent to install at least 1Mw of new solar power.

This new solar capacity will be spread across various installations, significantly boosting renewable energy generation in our area, with benefits extending far beyond clean energy. The sale of the electricity produced by the panels will provide a flow of community funds used to support local initiatives that address climate action and social well-being. We have seen great success with our Beat the Cold partnership made possible by our previous Royal Stoke University Hospital and Stafford County Hospital installations, tackling fuel poverty and ill health. This grant will enable us to deliver further installs, creating more programmes similar to the earlier scheme and for greater social impact.

The Energy Redress Grant allows us to work with local high energy users to support their entire solar power journey creating long-lasting partnerships. This comprehensive approach includes:

  • Feasibility Assessments and Site Scoping: Our expert team will work with each potential partner to identify suitable locations for solar panel installations, considering factors like roof space, sun exposure, and potential energy generation.
  • Planning, Development, and Regulatory Navigation: We’ll handle the installation process, ensuring all regulatory requirements are met for a smooth journey. We’ll also liaise with the distribution network operator to guarantee a seamless connection for feeding any excess clean energy back into the grid.
  • Finance Management and Funding: We’ll guide you through financing the installations. This will involve raising share capital from the community, allowing local residents to invest and share in the project’s success.
  • Ongoing Maintenance and Support: We understand that solar panels require maintenance to ensure optimal performance. Our team will take responsibility for ongoing maintenance and support, ensuring your solar power system continues to generate clean energy for years to come.

Working Together for a Brighter Future

This grant award has enabled us to form a partnership with The Globe Group CIC and community energy consultants Energy 4 All and to employ a project developer, all who bring a wealth of expertise to the table to support SCE activity. Together we have been actively developing partnerships with high energy users in Staffordshire and Stoke, including exploring strategic partnerships with Local Authorities, Academy Schools and Hospital Trusts to amplify the social value these projects can deliver. By working together, we are helping them to reduce their carbon footprint, benefit from lower energy bills, and contribute to a more sustainable future for local people.

Are you a high energy user in Staffordshire or Stoke? Contact us to explore how solar power can benefit your organisation and the wider community. Together, we can create a brighter future powered by clean energy!

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