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We’re dedicated to driving positive change through sustainable energy solutions for our local community. Explore our initiatives, projects, and the latest news on renewable energy.


Our mission is to drive the adoption of renewable energy technologies, energy efficiency practices, and sustainable energy policies that benefit people, place and planet. We aims to empower individuals, businesses, and communities with clean energy alternatives, reducing carbon emissions, mitigating climate change impacts, and enhancing overall environmental stewardship and local wellbeing.

 Renewable community energy for Staffordshire

Solar Eco-Power

We are interested in developing partnerships with organisations, working together to create local energy projects.

Community Benefit

Our Community Funding Support service uses income from the feed-in tariff and energy sales to establish funds that drive impactful local projects.

Staffordshire Community Energy Partnership Process


We scope projects, identify potential sites and undertake the necessary feasibility assessments


Our technical team then process all of the contracts, planning and legalities required for the install at your site.


We raise the capital funding normally through a community share offer, that enables the purchase of the energy tech and any associated fees.


Finally, we install the equipment, so you can access low-cost clean energy, we sell the surplus energy to create community funds. 

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